"The Value of One" - Stephen, Jason & Benjamin Lyons

"I'm Drinking From My Saucer" - Bel Grant 

"To God Be The Glory" - Jay Wioda

"Oh, I Want To See Him" - Elizabeth Olander

"Back To Bethel" - Bel Grant 

"I Sing The Mighty Power Of God" - Guerrin Harris

"Heaven Came Down" - Bel Grant 

"Victory In Jesus" - Elizabeth & Keith Olander 

"Then I Met The Master" - Bel Grant 

"Trophy Of Grace" - Vicky Auguletto 

"It's Under The Blood" - Abi Moran 

"I'm On The Winning Side" - Bruce Dyer 

"Whatever It Takes" - Angi Harris 

"While The AGes Roll" - Vicky Auguletto 

"Shepard Boy" - Vicky Auguletto 

"Trust His Word" - Angi Harris

"Oh, I Want To See Him" - Elizabeth Olander & Bel Grant   

"Blessed Assurance" - Bruce Dyer  

"I Have Been Blessed" - Angi Harris  

"The Love Of God" - Guerrin Harris  

"It Is Well" Led By Bel Grant

The Look To Him Trio Visiting on Family Day @ FBCOcoee

"Day By Day, With Each Passing Moment" - Guerrin Harris

"Sin Will Take You Farther" - Vicky Auguletto

"Sweet Hour Of Prayer" - Bel Grant

"Jesus Is Coming Soon" - Lee Harris, Nicholas Cox & Guerrin Harris

"Is Anything Too Hard For God?" - Missy Moran

"I've Got A Mansion" - Rebekah Cox

"What A Friend We Have In Jesus" - Bel Grant

"In Times Like These" - Bel Grant

"Right On Time" - Vicky Auguletto

"I Pressed Through The Crowd" - Bruce Dyer

"I'm Standing On The Solid Rock" - Rich, Abi, Katie Moran & Bel Grant

"Matthew Twenty-Four" - Evelyn & Bruce Dyer

The Kevin Raub Family Sings while Visiting FBCOcoee

"Resurrection Morn" - Vicky Auguletto

"A Sinner Saved By Grace" - Bel Grant

"All I need, He Is all I need" - Abi & katie Moran

"Here Am I Lord Send Me" - Stephen & Jason Lyons

"My House Is Full But My Field Is Empty" - Missy Moran

"Organ/Piano Duet 2" - Anita Ackerman & Marilyn Godfrey

"Organ/Piano Duet" - Anita Ackerman & Marilyn Godfrey

"I Am Crucified With Christ" - Rich Moran

"How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" - Missy, Abi & Katie Moran & Vick Auguletto

"Farther Along" - Angi Harris, Nicholas Cox & Bruce Dyer

"When I See The Cross" - Bel Grant

"I Would" - Nicholas Cox

"When I get Carried Away" - The Morans & Vicky Auguletto

"What A Day That Will Be" - Elizabeth Olander

"I've Got A Mansion" - Keith Olander

"Who Will Fill Their Shoes?" - Tom & Barbara Knickerbocker

"How Shall They Hear The Gospel?" - Tom Knickerbocker

"Yes I Know" - Rich, Abi, and Katie Moran

"Thank You Jesus" - Bruce Dyer

"Servant's Heart" - Angi Harris

"Jesus Will Oustshine Them All" - Vicky Auguletto

"I Am Redeemed" - Led By Bel grant

"At Calvary" - Led By Jay Wioda

"We Are More Than Conquerors" - Led By Rich Moran

"Where Could I Go?" - Led By Bel Grant

"Higher Ground" - Nicholas Cox

Brian McBride Family Mini "Music" Revival

"Are You Washed In The Blood?" - Joshua Harris

"The Love Of God" - Angi Harris

"Bury My Heart In The Mission Field" - Abi Moran

"The Blood Is Still There" - Guerrin Harris

"The Solid Rock" - Missy Moran

"He Knew Me" - Bruce Dyer

“How Great Thou Art” -  Jim Johnson




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